From $649 to $1250 per Credit Course
Fall special 30% off for full and part time Canadian students.

Tuition Fee per Credit Course             Student Status
$649                                                            Permanent Residents and Canadian Citizens
$850                                                            International Students Residing in Canada
$1250                                                          International Students
$12,500                                                       Full Time International Students
$8,500                                                         Full Time International Students Residing in

RWS is registered as a private school with the Ministry of Education in Ontario Canada and is authorized to. RWS has been providing quality education since 2004 with over 4000 of our students successfully graduating to universities and colleges throughout Canada. At RWS our aim is to make quality education accessible to as many students as possible. With this in mind, we thoroughly assess our fees on a regular basis in order to ensure affordability and quality. We revise our operating costs on a yearly basis so that we can accommodate the maximum number of students, while maintaining the high educational standards for which we are known.

  • Ministry of Education Certified Teachers
  • 110 Hours Per Course
  • 100% University & College Approved Courses