At RWS, we offer High-School certified courses for students from grades 9-12 with the option of Academic, Applied, University, or College. Most of our courses are in-class, although a select few are offered online. Enrollment for September 2015 has already begun! Spaces are limited so be sure to register your students from grades 1-8 or 9-12. 


  • English: English, English as a Second Language
  • The Arts: Media Arts, Visual Arts,
  • Business: International Business Fundamentals, Introduction to Business
  • Canadian and World Studies: Canadian and World Issues, Canadian History Since World War I, World History: The West and the World, Analyzing Current Economic Issues, Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course
  • French as a Second Language: Core French
  • International Languages: Simplified Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Farsi (Persian)
  • Health and Phys-Ed: Exercise Science
  • Mathematics: Functions and Applications, Functions, Mathematics for College Technology, Calculus and Vectors, Mathematics of Data Management, Advanced Functions, Principles of Mathematics
  • Science: Biology, Chemistry, Science
  • Social Sciences and Humanities: Canadian and World Issues: A Geographic Analysis, Food and Nutrition Sciences, Individuals and Families in a Diverse Society
  • Technological Education: Computer Hardware, Career Studies, Introduction to Computer Science, Computer Science
  • TOEFL Preparation Course  

Further information regarding each course can be found by clicking “Credit Courses” under “RWS Courses” to your right. 

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