At RWS our students are able to achieve academic success through a supportive and balanced approach. We integrate post-secondary education, career planning, and personal development into the educational experience we provide.

Our students are made aware of the fact that academic development is an extension of personal development. With this in mind, we provide a learning environment that encourages supportive and inclusive interactions. Our certified teachers take the time to get to know our students in order to accommodate individual learning styles.

In addition to academics, at RWS we emphasize the importance of personal and familial values which translate to respect for oneself and others. We integrate the practice of effective communication and tolerance as the foundation of successful relationships with their peers and teachers. At RWS we understand that healthy personal relationships help our students form support networks and strengthen self esteem so they can successfully meet any challenges they might face.

t RWS we emphasize the importance of a cooperative and respectful out look paired with hard-work and productivity. Our teachers help our students to develop a balanced, focused and organized approach to their studies. With these tools our students graduate as more confident and informed individuals who become successful in their chosen paths

RWS is proud to see student achievements year after year.