At RWS our student body is made up of people from around the world who appreciate the welcoming culture and quality of life that Canada offers. Our students know that our rigorous education standards play a large part in the favourable international reputation that Canada enjoys. It is because of this that every year people flock to Canada as visitors, landed immigrants and international students.

Many newcomers are drawn to Canada because of an interest in furthering their education. They are professionals who have completed their education outside of Canada or they were in the process of doing so. Though many countries throughout the world have impressive education standards, their education systems differ from those in Canada. At RWS we respect these differences and do our best to recognize the education that our students have received in other countries. When entering the Canadian school system we assess our students thoroughly with a variety of standardized assessments in order to place them in their appropriate grade level and ensure their educational progress. This practice of assessment and placement is unique to RWS and is not offered in public high schools. Our attention to the specific needs of each individual student ensures that they are studying at the appropriate grade level and that they will be able to finish school in a prepared and timely fashion.

At RWS our concern for our students goes beyond the classroom. We also take care of everything from residences to counselling and guidance. Our goal is our student’s success and that means making sure that students are placed in the type of learning environment where they will have the best opportunity for success.