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Dear Visitors, Due to the safety of our students and staff, school doors are closed. Please call RWS if you require any information with respect to school registration. We are happy to serve you by phone or email. info@rwsschool.com.

RWS is now registering students for full and part time courses for the fall semester 

RWS Scholarships RWS is proud to provide scholarships ranging from $5000 to $10000 for students transferring from public school with an academic average of 88% or higher

You’ll be living in the heart of Downtown Richmond Hill, in one of our ten residence complexes conveniently located near RWS School.

If you are an international student enrolled in a full-time high school program you may apply for housing at the RWS Campus. Our traditional-style residences offer furnished double or single rooms with common facilities designed for international students. All residences are fully furnished with internet and TV cable. All utilities (electricity, water and gas) are included in our residential package. Students living in a traditional residence can also purchase a meal plan in addition to the residential package. Our residence fees range from $850 to $1100 monthly. For more information please contact our office at 416-221-2111.

hannawangI chose to study at RWS School in Canada because I wanted to discover this wonderful country and to improve my English level. Living so far away from home you learn to grow as a person and take more responsibilities; all sorts of things that help in a future career. I had so much help from the teachers and the school principal. They were so friendly and kind! I have now gotten accepted into the University of Toronto and am very excited. At RWS, I have made a lot of friends from all over the world. My favorite thing about RWS is that they encourage students to learn from experiences out of school and inside the school, for example going to the theater, the Museum, and the Courthouse. This has been the best time of my life!

Hanna WangInternational Student From China,

AnastasiyaI had a great time in Toronto, Canada. I came to Canada as an International student to complete my high school education in Ontario. At RWS I was able to work in small groups  students from all parts of the world and discuss important topics. It was very interesting to get to know  other options and to see the world in a different perspective.

When I arrived in Canada, I couldn't speak English very well but because of the friendly teachers who were very serious in class, was able to pass all the tests required  for the  architectural program at Ryerson University and even complete an amazing art portfolio with Master Sabouhi. the School is very well known by all the universities and colleges when it comes to artistic  content and I had so much confidence after my classes in the art program.

Anastasiya dimitropoulosInternational Student From Bulgaria,

AnnaLeeIt was common to see many students freely expressing their opinions in classes. I could get more out of the classes when I participated actively. I also took parts in many club activities to meet new people.

Most of people I met at RWS were very friendly and helpful. All of my teachers helped me in many ways when I was having difficulties. I can certainly say that this experience was the most memorable experience of my life.


Anna LeeInternational Student From Korea,